I sometimes have the intention to write out some thoughts in a blog, but am rarely following through with it. Blog posts may be of variable length and quality.

Blog posts

  • Bias-Trainability tradeoff in Martial Arts: a model for RL.

    I started training Judo / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu about a year ago. Different styles of sport martial arts (combat sports) generalize better or worse to real self-defense situations, with an interesting and counter intuitive relation to the constraints on the sport: more constrained grappling sports like BJJ can generalize better. I will call this the Bias-Trainability tradeoff, in analogy to the Bias-Variance tradeoff in supervised machine learning. This tradeoff can be relevant to Reinforcement Learning (RL): athletes are RL agents whose optimization is so good it’s probably not the bottleneck. So we can look at martial arts to learn how changing the rules/environment/reward influences the optimal policy.

  • My Jekyll github-pages setup

    Again a post mostly for my own memory: how I set up my website with jekyll, github pages, a custom domain, and automatic publication listing.

  • Notes on installing i3 and X

    I just installed i3 window manager on ubuntu. This post serves as memory of what I did and learned.

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